History - Professionalism - Showmanship
Amongst the countless jousting shows available today, none can match the level of entertainment, historical knowledge, dedication, skill, professionalism and showmanship that is the hallmark of every Crescent appearance. Quality and pride are the cornerstone of the Order of the Crescent- from their gleaming steel armours, colourful banners and horse caparisons to their impeccably tailored historical costumes, no aspect of showmanship is overlooked.
Members of the Crescent are history professionals from every discipline - museum curator, armourer, medieval horsemen, historical tailor. Most are trained historical interpreters and actors who love history, and know how to engage the public to make the past come alive in the most entertaining and engaging way.
Perhaps the most critical element of the mix are the knight’s competitive spirit. The knights and their steeds love to compete and that passion translates into electrifying competition that keeps fans on the edge of their seat from the thrilling moment the knights parade in, till the crack of the last heart-stopping lance shatter. From start to finish, The Crescent delivers entertainment worthy of the thunderous applause they inspire.

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The Order of the Crescent

In North America, contact Jeffrey Hedgecock - jeffrey@orderofthecrescent.com
or call 760 807 4478

In the UK and Europe, contact Dominic Sewell - dominic.sewell@btinternet.com
or call 07872 136 536


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