Jeffrey is an avid historian and founding member of the "Order of the Crescent". A renowned armourer of over twenty years' experience, he regularly appears on History Channel programmes in the US and England, and is one of very few historical reproduction armourers in the world to joust in armour he crafts himself. Since he began jousting in 2003, Jeffrey has competed in numerous tournaments in 6 countries: England, France, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand and the USA.
At England's 'Royal Armouries Museum', Jeffrey has competed in every "Queen's Golden Jubilee Trophy" individual tournament since 2003. In 2005, after co-founding the Order of the Crescent, he competed with his new team in the Easter team tournament for the "Sword of Honour", and jousted for 3 weekends in the "Scottish Sword of Chivalry Tournament" in Scotland that summer. The Order of the Crescent has gone on to win the Sword of Honour tournament for three consecutive years, in 2007, 2008, and 2009, the only team to do so in Royal Armouries history. In May of 2008, Jeffrey won the Historical division of the Belgian “Hackaland” tournament, and the following August was edged out of victory by one shield strike in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Trophy at the Royal Armouries Leeds.

2009 has been a busy year for Jeffrey, with invitations to joust in France, Belgium and England. He placed 2nd at the Belgian “Hackaland” tournament in May, and defeated 15 other international competitors to win the French National Tournament in Verneuil sur Avre in June.

Jeffrey’s colourful caparison and gleaming harness are crowd pleasers, and he delights in speaking with members of the public about armour, jousting and medieval horsemanship.

Per pale, Azure and Gules. Between a chevron Sable fimbriated, two lions rampant combattant queue forche and a lion passant guardant, Or.


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