The Order of the Crescent is a modern day chivalric order patterned after the original Order of the Crescent created in 1438 by Renè, King of Anjou. Our order consists of professional jousters from England and the United States, and was founded in 2005 by Toby Capwell, Jeffrey Hedgecock and Steve Mallett.

Initially, the Order was created in 2005 as a jousting team to compete in the Sword of Honour Tournament, a jousting competition which has been held at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England every Easter Bank Holiday weekend since 2000. In this tournament, 4 three-man teams compete for the first three days of the event and the two highest scoring teams compete in a final round, starting even, on the afternoon of the fourth day of competition.

In 2005, the Order placed 3rd and made a mark in the tournament by creating a new standard of comeraderie and brotherhood not seen before at the Royal Armouries' tournaments. Destrier team captain Dominic Sewell was inducted into the Order following the 2005 tournament.


In 2006, the Order earned renowned by scoring the two highest daily scores ever recorded in a Sword of Honour tournament, as well as acheiving the highest overall cumulative point total. After developing a 6 point lead in the first three qualifying rounds, the Order met the Destrier team in the final round on Monday. Leading Destrier until the final pass of the round, Destrier caught up and narrowly defeated the Order in a sudden-death match between team captains Toby Capwell (OoC) and Dominic Sewell (Destrier). Despite the loss, the Order finished in 2nd place over the Royal Armouries' team and the previous year's champions, the Burgundians. Following the tournament, Adam desForges was inducted as the Order's 5th member and King of Arms.

2007 saw the Order compete again, but this time winning the competition, defeating the Royal Armouries team.

In 2008, we won a 2nd time against the Destrier team in the final. The competition was expanded to teams of 4, so our 4th jousting member, Dominic, was able to join us on the field.

Our third consecutive victory came this year in 2009, and we became the first team in Sword of Honour history to win the tournament 3 times, and consecutively at that. Destrier put up a good fight once again, but we persevered.

The Order of the Crescent dedicates this website to our "invisible crescent" Gwen Nowrick,
who offers us her generous support and organization, and clothes much of our bodies for the tournaments we participate in.
We couldn't do it without you!



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