Steve has owned and trained Spanish horses for almost twenty years. He has training extensively in the Doma Vaquera style and has performed Spanish and Classical riding displays for many years. A full-time professional horseman, when not bending the backs of his opponents in the joust Steve works with horses in the film and television industry.
Steve joined Toby Capwell and Mike Loades as a member of the jousting team ‘Freelance’ in 2003. In 2005 he took the coveted Queen’s Jubilee Horn in the Royal Armouries’ annual individual championship, despite several injurious encounters, including one in which he struck so hard that he unhorsed himself! To this day no one who was there can say how his opponent –fellow Order member Dominic Sewell– managed to keep his seat: after the impact the back of his left knee was the only part of him in contact with the saddle, so fierce was Steve’s attack. Many jousters consider this event to be a rare case of divine intervention.
Equipped as befits his close connection with Iberia, Steve wears an armour in the ‘Italo-Spanish’ style, typical of the export products made by Italian armourers for Spanish and Portuguese clients during the second half of the 15th century. This variation of the Italian style combines the smooth, rounded surfaces pioneered by Milanese artist-armourers with the sharp, scalloped edges that were a characteristic fashion on the Iberian peninsula. The appearance of Steve’s hulking, armoured form on the field always causes a stir, but it is his panache in the saddle and utter disregard for his own safety that always brings the crowd to their feet, no matter whether he wins or loses.
Sable, a mallet Gules, within a bordure embattled Argent.


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