Dominic took part in his first living history event at Barnard Castle, in the north of England, when he was eight years old. The cheering crowds and costumed riders made an indelible impression, and by 1996 Dominic was riding in full plate armour, preparing to embark on what would turn out to be an action-packed, globe-trotting jousting career.
In 2000 Dominic attended his first joust, at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire. Here he encountered Toby Capwell, Mike Loades, and the other ‘Freelance’ jousters. After his momentary surprise at having a lance offered to him (he had expected to serve only as a non-jousting mounted retainer at this event), Dominic threw himself headlong into the lists. And he has been one of the most familiar faces in the jousting community ever since. He has competed throughout the UK, Ireland, continental Europe and the USA.
Dominic’s shy smile and quite demeanor belies a fierce competitive spirit. His interest extends far beyond mounted combat- he is a passionate student of historical haute ecole horsemanship of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and is also a well-known equine behaviorist. Nevertheless, he is today most famous as one of the UK’s foremost jousters.

Dominic’s steed is the magnificent black FriesianXCob stallion "Hawthorn". A fierce competitor in the lists, Hawthorn’s gentlemanly demeanor and stunning good looks make him a sure winner with ladies and children alike.

Dominic wears an armour of the pure Italian style, ruggedly functional in its simple forms, rounded surfaces, and smooth lines. This simplicity of shape and proportion also makes Dominic’s armoured form especially pleasing to the eye.


Gules, 3 stag’s heads caboshed proper.


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